On behalf of the Mitel MiContact Center teams, I am pleased to announce the general availability of our MiContact Center Enterprise/Business Edition Release 7 and new MiContact Center Outbound offerings. MiContact Center R7 includes our next-generation Multimedia Contact Center solution, redesigned from the ground up with support for new email platforms, a new agent desktop application, Web chat enhancements, reporting and supervisor enhancements, and improved routing flexibility and capability. MiContact Center Outbound is a new outbound, inbound, blended, and multimedia solution that includes preview, progressive, power, and predictive dialing, a contact center CRM, campaigning, and agent scripting capabilities. In addition to this, we have also made several changes to the core contact center offering resulting from usability testing with our staff, partners, and end-customers, that allows our solution to be more user-friendly, easy to learn, and scalable. The future of the MiContact Center portfolio starts now!

    MiContact Center Enterprise/Business Edition R7 allows you to achieve three main business goals: differentiate your business by empowering end-customers with sophisticated, intelligent, and flexible media contact options; increase customer satisfaction and loyalty with tools for first-contact resolution and quick and efficient service, and allow for more flexible and simplified IT architecture and management. The main features of Release 7 include the following:

    • Support for voice, email, Web chat, fax, and social media contact from any customer device
    • The ability for businesses to publish estimated wait times for all queues, across all media types, on a corporate Webpage
    • A unified, multi-channel agent desktop application
    • Visual, interactive, and unified multimedia contact controls
    • Agent workload configuration options (for example, you could allow agents to handle one voice call, two emails, and a Web chat interaction simultaneously)
    • Skills-based routing and work timer support for multi-channel interactions
    • Interoperability with Microsoft Exchange 2007/2010/2013, Exchange Online using Office 365, and Gmail using Google Apps for Business
    • Visual, multimedia workflow diagramming
    • Ease of integration with third party applications, databases, etc.
    • Supervisor client support on tablet devices

    We are also pleased to announce the availability of Mitel’s new MiContact Center Outbound solution. MiContact Center Outbound is much more than a simple outbound dialer, it is a comprehensive, integrated, outbound strategy management suite. With MiContact Center Outbound, businesses can: automate outbound dialing to improve agent efficiency, facilitate first-contact resolution, and ensure business process and regulatory compliance; accelerate lead generation and close sales; and remove the IT administrative burden of creating, modifying, and deploying outbound campaigns by putting simple, visual configuration tools in the hands of supervisors and managers. MiContact Center Outbound includes:

    • Support for preview, progressive, power, and predictive dialing with Live Person Detection
    • Support inbound/outbound call blending and multi-channel interactions
    • A wide range of campaign management tools
    • A tightly integrated, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system
    • Agent call and workflow scripting

    To find out more about MiContact Center Enterprise/Business Edition Release 7 and the new MiContact Center Outbound solution, visit our MiContact Center page on www.mitel.com

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