Migrating to the Cloud? 3 Reasons to Start with Your Phone System

    As more businesses adopt cloud-based solutions, their IT managers face the practical challenge of how to execute the transition. If you’re an IT manager looking to save time, simplify maintenance and get the most from your cloud investments, it makes sense to focus on migrating one service at a time…and your business phone system is a great place to start.

    Below are three reasons why migrating to a cloud phone system first is a smart strategy:

    1. It Builds Internal Support for Cloud

    One key advantage of a cloud phone system is that you can deploy it in a controlled rollout, which will help you build internal support for future cloud-based solutions. A cloud phone system offers the flexibility to deploy the service to as many, or as few, employees or groups as you want. By focusing on just one or two workgroups, you can design, deploy and test incrementally before staging a wider rollout. This enables the IT team to work out any potential kinks early, ensuring that your full deployment will be met with positive feedback. Plus, when employees have a good experience with the cloud phone system, they’ll be much more eager to embrace future cloud applications in other aspects of their daily operations.

    2. It Maximizes Budgets

    Expenses are a challenge for most IT departments, so it’s not surprising that IT managers are always on the lookout for technologies that can deliver increased value by boosting efficiency. As a subscription service, a cloud phone system lowers capital expenditures by reducing the need for new hardware or equipment. In addition, there’s no need to install and maintain applications. Over time, your business will recognize savings because the cost of operation is lower. Before choosing a cloud phone solution, be sure to carefully evaluate and compare options. Look for vendors that provide comprehensive management and can offer you the lowest total cost of operations.

    3. It Frees Up Your Time

    Deploying a cloud phone system allows you to hand off its day-to-day management to the vendor. This frees you from the vast majority of routine operational and maintenance responsibilities, giving you more time to focus on high value projects related to your company's core solutions or business drivers. It will also allow you to devote more time to getting other cloud-based initiatives off the ground.

    As your organization’s most ubiquitous technology, your phone system affects every employee in your workplace on a daily basis. As a result, the benefits of moving your communications to the cloud first will reverberate throughout your business. Along with delivering lower costs and greater efficiency, it will lay the groundwork for future cloud adoption, positioning your business to embrace the future.

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