Milton Hershey School Finds Sweet Spot with ShoreTel

    Milton Hershey School® is a cost-free and coeducational boarding school for pre-K through 12th-grade students from families in poverty. Established in 1909 by Hershey Chocolate Company founder Milton S. Hershey and his wife Catherine, the philanthropic namesake school focuses on providing children with the foundation and skills to be successful in all aspects of life. The campus is spread across 2,640 acres and 250 buildings, including athletic fields and other recreational areas, campus commons, a student center, library, visual arts building, and administrative facilities.

    The School had a legacy phone system that had outlived its usefulness and was impeding cost-efficient and effective communications. There was not an easy way to track or identify calls, and conferencing features were limited and tedious. To best support the School’s communications goals, a new VoIP platform needed to offer better technologies, easier collaboration, and simpler administrative support—all while achieving greater cost efficiencies and savings.

    With a vision for simpler, economical, and effectual communications across its campus, Milton Hershey School selected a ShoreTel Unified Communications Solution. The key ingredients include ShoreTel Communicator, ShoreTel Conferencing Bridge, ShoreTel Emergency Notification Application, ShoreTel Mobility, ShoreTel Voice Switches, and 1,400 ShoreTel IP Phones.

    The benefits include:

    • Faster return on investment, from estimated 6 years to under 4 years
    • Cost savings on outsourced support, headcount, cancellation of leased systems, cost avoidance
    • Time savings of 30 hours weekly by admissions department since deploying ShoreTel auto-attendant to handle calls
    • Less administrative time spent on MACs—from weeks to minutes
    • Elimination of third-party support with easy in-house installations and support
    • Better customer service for both internal and external customers

    “The ROI and TCO projections are significant. We’re saving money and improving how we do business at every turn.”

    - Mike Bernardo, Network and Telecom Manager, Milton Hershey School