Misspelling ShoreTel: Is it You or Autocorrect?

    ShoreTel’s name is occasionally misspelled in emails, web searches, tweets and other missives by those seeking out information about ShoreTel Dock, ShoreTel Mobility, or any other of our brilliantly simple business communications solutions.

    Perhaps the most common misspelling is ShoreTell, which is understandable as Tell is similar to Tel and connotes its own meaning. Other mistakes include Shoretel, Shore Tel, ShorTel and Shortell.

    To err is human, as the saying goes. But another culprit might be at work in some cases.

    Autocorrect, the function in word processors such as Microsoft Office that act as spell checkers to correct common spelling or typing errors, may be making changes in cases where there is a grammatically plausible alternative to ShoreTel, like ShoreTell and Shore Tel.

    An article in The New York Times some months ago took a humorous look at Autocorrect and came away with some telling observations.

    Autocorrect is increasingly interposing itself on our writing, not always for the good. “In the past, we were responsible for our own typographical errors,” The Times article said. “Now Autocorrect has taken charge.”

    The article’s author, James Gleick, said Autocorrect is mangling all kinds of words and meanings.

    “I try to type ‘geocentric’ and discover that I have typed ‘egocentric’; is Autocorrect making a sort of cosmic joke? I want to address my tweeps (a made-up word, admittedly, but that’s what people do). No: I get ‘twerps.’ Some pairings seem far apart in the lexicographical space. ‘Cuticles’ becomes ‘citified.’’Catalogues’ turns to ‘fatalities’ and ‘Iditarod’ to ‘radiator.’ What is the logic?’

    So remember, it’s ShoreTel, not ShoreTell, not Shore Tel.  And whether it’s your fault or Autocorrect’s, double check the spelling.

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