Mitel BPC 2013 – Day 2 – A Partner’s Perspective

    As I closed yesterday’s blog, I promised that today would prove to be a true highlight of the BPC event.  I think I hit the nail right on the head with that statement.  Today was truly valuable with all that was discussed.

    During this morning General Sessions we learned a lot about what Mitel has done over the last year and more specifically about some of the changes it has made in the last sixty to ninety days.  Mitel has definitely made a lot of changes.  I have to admit I was excited to hear and see what Mitel has done.  There is a new energy with the changes that have been made and I think that energy was infectious throughout the General Session.  I know the comments I heard afterwards were all positive.

    During the General Session heard from Mitel’s new Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Martyn Etherington.  Martyn definitely got the attention of the crowd when he took the stage – I think you could almost hear a pin drop.  He has taken Mitel in a new and exciting direction.  Martyn discussed two primary topics – the new world marketing with social media and the Internet, as well as the rebranding of Mitel’s product portfolio.  It was interesting to hear from Martyn about how customers and end-users search online for new UC hardware and software solutions, and how Mitel is changing their marketing to incorporate the end-user’s style of searching into the marketing.  In addition, we now have a better understanding of how end-users and customers make purchasing decisions and how the new product branding will allow the customer to better and easier understand Mitel’s solutions.

    We also had the first of our series of Breakout Sessions.  In terms of content there was plenty of variety.  Whether you were looking for technical sessions or more sales/marketing based sessions there was something to suite everyone.  I took some time to join the Funnel Principles session which was partially hosted by Mitel’s new Executive Vice President of Sales (Americas), Joe Vitalone.  This was very interesting for me as it taught me as a sales person, how my funnels should be looking in today’s consumer/customer driving sales process.  I can honestly say I learned a lot.  It is great to see Mitel offering these type of sessions.  I’m happy to see a focus on sales and marketing at Mitel.  It’s long been known that Mitel makes superior products, but now Mitel and the Mitel authorizedPARTNERS are going to drive superior sales results.  I’m truly excited about this.

    And if that weren’t enough, the day was capped off with a sunset dinner out around the many pools here at the Westin Diplomat.  There was great food and great conversation.  It was nice to see everyone come together and enjoy each other’s company.  It was a fantastic evening – the weather was great and it’s neat being right on the ocean front.  I even broke loose, kicking off my sandals and going for a walk along the beach as the waves came crashing in – very relaxing!


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