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Even as the ink was drying on ShoreTel’s recent announcement of its 10,000th enterprise customer, the popularity of our brilliantly simple UC solutions continues to garner attention in board rooms, press rooms and competitors’ conference rooms worldwide.

However, sometimes the most revealing—and compelling—feedback is what people say when we’re not in the room.

Our obsessive commitment to world-class customer satisfaction means that we work closely with partners and customers to help ensure that every deployment is not only successful, but a delightful experience for everyone. We survey extensively and use the results of those surveys as key drivers in many of our business practices.

This week, however, two completely independent ShoreTel stories caught our attention simply because of their spontaneity.

The first article appeared in peHUB, an interactive forum for the private equity community, on the heels of an announcement from venture capital firm, Foundation Capital, that it was recognized as being the first venture capital firm office to be awarded LEED Gold Certification.

LEED is an internationally recognized green building certification system, providing third-party verification that a building or community was designed and built using strategies aimed at improving environmental performance. The enterprise class VoIP system of choice? ShoreTel.

The very next day, we noticed a question and answer session with Carol Ann Hurley, co-owner and president of Econotel Business Systems, which appeared in the Providence Business News. When asked how her business has changed in recent years, Ms Hurley replied, “Three years ago, we picked up the ShoreTel product, and that’s why our profit margins are doing so well now. It’s the leading Voice over IP telephone product.”

Kudos from West Coast to East Coast in just over a day, and as we expand worldwide we’re excited about what ShoreTel raving fans will say in a week.

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