Mitel Customer Profile: Cambridge Assessment

    Established over 150 years ago, Cambridge Assessment is the examinations arm for the world famous University of Cambridge. Cambridge Assessments incorporates three major exam boards within the UK and carries out leading-edge academic and operational research on assessment in education.
    While they are a world leader in education and research, one area that was failing was communications. They had 70 staff members which needed to communicate throughout a 200,000 square foot facility which was challenging to achieve with their failing Wi-Fi VoIP solution from a third party vendor and often resulted in dropped calls and poor voice quality. They also wanted to reduce the use and cost by staff of mobile phones for internal calls.
    They did some research and selected Aastra, a Mitel company, to be their resolution. Cambridge Assessment selected a new Aastra 430 communication server and Aastra 630d SIP DECT handsets. The Aastra 630d handsets are ideal for warehouse environments and meet industrial standard IP65 for a high level of dust protection and water jet-resistance.
    The biggest benefit they have seen since implementation is significant cost savings. The cost of deployment was circa 25 percent of the Wi-Fi solution and all mobiles have been withdrawn for internal use, which has greatly reduced costs. Other key benefits they have achieved with Aastra are:
    • No more dropped calls between internal users and improved voice quality
    • Improved battery life for handsets for greater talk and standby time
    • A four-fold increase in the volume of internal calls without any increase in costs
    “User adoption was seamless, achieved simply via a series of 30 minute group sessions with an Aastra trainer. We sat down with Aastra’s product support and a couple of laptops, and by the end of the afternoon, it was working.” – Chris Barron, Group Telecoms Manager, Cambridge Assessment

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