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For decades, Silicon Valley has been the nation’s hotbed of innovation, advanced engineering, and ground-breaking entrepreneurship. In recent years, Silicon Valley startups have become household names throughout the world, and Silicon Valley geeks have become media legends.

Therefore, it’s no small measure of ShoreTel’s success that we are now part of the Silicon Valley 150, a special report filed by the San Jose Mercury that ranks public companies headquartered in Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, southern San Mateo and southern Alameda counties on the basis of worldwide revenues.

The report compiles information from Bloomberg Financial SEC filings, and based upon our 2008 performance, our positive sales rallied against the economic recession to vault ShoreTel into the top 150. Placement in the top SV 150 reaffirms my belief that delivering excellent products and outstanding customer service nets positive results.

Our competitors are hard pressed to surpass ShoreTel’s proven world-class customer satisfaction levels and ease of use, and consistently fall short of ShoreTel’s initial and total cost of ownership. ShoreTel’s success in turning satisfied customers into raving fans underscores the concept that big names simply mean bigger prices, greater complexity, and a weaker focus on quality.

To see the entire list of companies ranked by the San Jose Mercury News report, please visit the Silicon Valley 150 online article.


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