Mitel IMS-PBX: A New Frontier for Telecom Service Providers

    In today’s business environment, small and midsize businesses (SMBs) face the same communication and collaboration issues as large enterprises—both are in need of innovative solutions that meld business communications with business processes, and that work whenever and wherever employees need them. However, while large enterprises have robust networks and multiple vendors to support these different applications, most SMBs lack the resources (money and a full-time IT staff) to manage them. This condition is even more pronounced for micro-SMBs (less than 10 employees) and SOHO (small office/home office) businesses.

    These types of solutions are designed for mid-to-large enterprises rather than SMBs, and are typically deployed within their own silo with minimal integration into the operator’s advanced core/application network. Conservative estimates project a market in excess of $3B by 2018 for SMB-focused solutions, driving telecom and mobile operators to increase their focus on this market segment. So how can operators deliver an innovative solution that not only meets the mobility needs of SMBs and SOHO/micro-SMBs, but do so at scale without overhauling their networks?

    Our IMS-PBX solution enables operators to support SMBs’ communication needs by allowing multiple personas (i.e. multiple phone lines) with a native user experience, all through one single device. Instead of SMBs managing multiple devices and communication systems across their business (sometimes three to four mobile phones at once), operators can now provide them with multiple phone lines and critical business features within one single device. In an environment where BYOD is prevalent – as is typical with SOHO/micro-SMBs – that personal BYOD device can now have a completely separate number and class of features for the customer’s business persona, providing them the flexibility and efficiency they need for all aspects of their life.

    However, what really makes this IMS-PBX solution indispensable for operators is on the backend networking side. It not only enables incremental revenue streams, but does so without requiring significant build-out of dedicated infrastructure. By complementing the operators’ IMS investments, the solution fully integrates into their IMS application servers, enabling next generation services with just software enhancements alone.

    Once, SMBs resided in a forgotten place in communications services – they were simply too small and unique for the typical one-size-fits-all business communications solutions. But now, we are truly excited about creating the ability to serve an entirely new market with a high-quality, convenient, digital solution tailored specifically to SMBs. Our IMS-PBX solution is one of many thrilling opportunities that IMS networks are bringing to operators and their (new) customers.


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