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Mitel in the News Recap: 14 Features You Might Have Missed in 2022

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Isabella Abreu Stubbs | December 19, 2022

It’s no surprise that 2022 was a busy year for Mitel. With a renewed focus on unified communications (UC) innovation, our exclusive RingCentral UCaas partnership in full swing, and the importance of customer lifecycle management (CLM), industry outlets and analysts paid close attention and wrote about us often.

Here’s a selection of the best third-party articles, interviews, and podcasts from 2022.

UC Today's Take on Mitel's Subscription Model

Subscription models skyrocketed these past years, and gone are the days when you could only pay for software as capital expenditure. In his article for UC Today, Elliot Mulley-Goodbarne covers the benefits of Mitel’s flexible subscription offerings and how that supports our customers.

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TechRepublic: UC and Mitel

TechRepublic wrote about the importance of UC and mentioned that Techaisle and Mitel have reported that 84% of organizations are convinced that UC is necessary for their business to keep growing and elevate customers’ and employees’ experiences.

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Techradar: Hybrid Work Insights

The truth is that companies are still struggling to assist remote workers two years after the pandemic started. That is most likely due to the inefficacy of their communication system, and companies must modernize.

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Intelligent CIO: Companies Need to Upgrade their UCs

Mitel’s and Techaisle’s survey has shown that companies need to upgrade their business communication and are looking for a flexible and effective UC solution.

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IT Business CMO Talks: Interview with Venkat Nagaswamy

Venkat Nagaswamy, Mitel’s Chief Marketing Officer, explores why Mitel decided to double down on on-prem. He highlights that many customers are looking for better on-prem equipment, and no one can deliver that better than Mitel.

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EWeek: Mitel’s CLM Focus

EWeek’s article breaks down the steps of CLM and how Mitel’s CLM benefits its customers and partners.

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Hospitality Technology: UC Modernization

Even though many guests book their hotels online, hotels still need UC solutions. UC goes beyond telephony, and they explore more about how UC can help you improve guest experiences.

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Channel Info: How to Retain Employees in a Hybrid Setting

Channel Info mentions that the Techaisle survey found that 75% of interviewees agreed that a better UC tool would help them improve their job performance. They also say the importance of setting up a hybrid workspace and how it can help retain employees.

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UC Today: Mitel’s 4 Key Takeaways for Back to Office

After the pandemic, people want to return to the office to interact with their coworkers. This article gives a few tips on how to improve that experience of being back in person.

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UC Today: What is Essential for Healthcare Success?

The adoption of digital in healthcare can be difficult. Still, Mitel has proven that it can succeed with its partnership with Ascom, a global solutions provider focusing on Healthcare ICT and mobile workflow solutions.

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BCStrategies: Podcast with Daren Finney

Daren Finney, Senior Vice President of Global Channels, talks about CLM, its importance for Mitel, and how it can help our customers and partners.

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The Marketer’s Journey Podcast: Interview with Venkat Nagaswamy

Nagaswamy shares his marketing philosophy and desire to focus on telling customers' stories to communicate the value of our products.

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Channel Journeys Podcast: Interview with Daren Finney

Finney explores how Mitel makes it easier for partners to buy our UC tools.

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Channel Chat Podcast: Interview with Daren Finney

In this podcast, Finney shares how to nurture a hybrid work environment and why he decided to join Mitel.

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