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Mitel Next Recap: MiStealth Secure Communications


Hardly a day goes by without hearing news stories of hacking and malware impacts on the business community. Today, employees are constantly communicating and collaborating by text, email, social media and workstream-style real-time communications applications. In addition, smartphones have evolved to become mobile computing platforms, which subjects them to evolving security threats. Real-time communications are critical, confidential, and often embody sensitive trade secrets or client information. To help secure real-time communications from cyber threats, we announced MiStealth at Mitel Next San Diego in April 2016.

Terry McCabe, CTO of Mitel’s mobile division, shared how Mitel – in partnership with Unisys – is introducing MiStealth security technology to provide enterprises and service providers secure mobile access to the cloud to ensure they remain protected against security threats and data breaches.

Combining Mitel's communications leadership with the security of Unisys Stealth identity-driven segmentation and encryption, MiStealth allows businesses to control who can access enterprise networks based on users' identities – whether within the enterprise or in the cloud – while reducing the attack surface and providing the elevated levels of security typically associated with private cloud deployments. MiStealth integrates with Mitel's RCS/VoLTE/VoWiFi clients to provide a seamless experience.

  • With MiStealth, companies can simplify security management, as users can access public networks (like the Internet) without threat of exposure to their real-time communications. Other benefits include:
  • For carriers, MiStealth integrates with Mitel’s mobile client to provide a seamless experience
  • For enterprise customers, MiStealth protects access to more than real-time communications, extending to other enterprise cloud applications

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