Upcoming Webinar: Mobile-Enabling Your Enterprise


    Enterprises are getting serious about mobile-enabling their workforces and workflows. According to analyst reports, enterprises are increasingly going with a mobile-first strategy with PC usage as an after thought. In fact, 73 percent of senior executives see their mobile device as critical to how they do business.

    By 2017, 75 percent of enterprises’ internal applications will be designed primarily for smartphones. —Source: Analyst firm IDC

    In an upcoming webinar on October 28 in partnership with NoJitter, we’ll discuss how bringing large enterprise capabilities to small businesses and small business flexibility to large enterprises will move customer experience will move to a new level. You’ll hear about how technologies like big data, M2M, real-time communications, and voice over WiFi tie in as they become more accepted and widely available. And you’ll also find out how to bring mobile, enterprise and cloud together with Mitel technology to add new communications applications and boost productivity in your business.


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    Mobile-Enabling Your Enterprise and Unleashing Your Business
    A NoJitter + Enterprise Connect + Mitel webinar
    Oct 28, 2 p.m. EDT / 11 a.m. PDT





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