Eldercare Costs & Quality

    Mobile Enterprise Recap: Eldercare Costs & Quality


    On January 28, attendees packed into the Ewerk venue in Berlin to hear what's next in communications. We covered major announcements in several key areas. Here's a brief recap of what we covered in eldercare at Mitel Next January 2016.


    The eldercare industry is undergoing a radical transformation. Today, people are living longer lives and the elderly want to spend their final years living at home. In addition, some governments are managing rising healthcare costs by encouraging elders to live at home longer. Healthcare providers are also challenged with keeping healthcare affordable and are looking to new technology advances to provide support.

    According to the World Health Organization (WHO), global life expectancy has increased six years. And life expectancy is projected to continue to increase because of improvements in healthcare, medicine, and living conditions. While the world population is aging rapidly, there is a massive shift in technology. Connectivity via the Internet is growing rapidly. In the United States, for example, it rose dramatically from 9% in 1995 to 84% of the population in 2014. And by 2017 the number of mobile phone users is forecast to reach 4.77 billion.

    One of the biggest shifts in technology involves elderly who are going online more and moving to mobile phones quicker than past generations. In fact, the elderly spend more time on tech than any other generation. For example, 68% use more than one device: phone, tablet and/or computer.

    Here are the top five ways to ensure qualify eldercare while reducing costs:

    1. Enabling access control for safe, secure environments
    2. Finding peace of mind with personal alarms
    3. Delivering patient care via video
    4. Staying connected onsite or through the cloud
    5. Migrating at your own pace with open APIs

    The good news is that the technology to meet many of these goals already exists. Whether you’re looking to address all of these principles at once, or figure out answers to specific eldercare challenges, we can help.

    Our elder care solutions are now available in select European markets. Contact your Mitel reseller or sales rep to find out if Mitel eldercare solutions are available in your country.

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