Mobile Enterprise Q&A #1: The Great VoLTE Shift

    Mobile Enterprise Q&A #1: The Great VoLTE Shift


    Enterprise mobility has been a buzzword for several years now, but a new shift is taking place, fueled by the convergence of a common IP between enterprise and mobile communications systems. This new model of communications, which seamlessly integrates the mobile and enterprise communications environments, is called the mobile enterprise. It’s not an easy concept for everyone to grasp the first time around, so we sat down Terry McCabe, the Chief Technology Officer of our Mitel Mobile Division, to help explain how it works.

    Q: How has VoLTE shifted the way mobile operators conduct business? How has it changed their role as service providers?

    Terry McCabe: In today’s competitive mobile marketplace, it has become more crucial than ever for the traditional service providers to maintain and evolve their relevance to their customers. Mobile operators for some time have talked about not wanting to become relegated to the role of mobile broadband providers, while struggling to retain their role as ubiquitous communication service providers.

    Now, however, with the technological underpinnings of VoLTE, or voice over LTE, operators have the opportunity to separate the services they offer from the network technologies over which those services are accessed. Traditionally the access technology dictated the service offered. However, IP technology enables the operator community to participate in the disaggregation of service and access (a direction previously trail-blazed by Internet services like Skype, Viber, Whatsapp etc.).

    VoLTE is an inevitable technology evolution for the mobile operator community triggered by the all-IP nature of the LTE core networking technology. The deployment of VoLTE enables improved user experience for operators’ customers while also creating the means to change their business model and innovate new services.

    It helps to consider VoLTE as an inflection point where technology and underpinnings have been introduced that form the basis of a wide range of new services. With Mitel’s portfolio of technology, operators can enhance relationships and offer enriched services.

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