Mobile marketing becoming more popular among businesses

    The popularity of personal mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets presents businesses with a new form of marketing that can reach a large number of people anywhere in the world. Integrating a mobile marketing plan should become a priority for businesses that want to stay ahead in their industries and enhance their brands.

    According to Business 2 Community's Kevin Jorgensen, a website will be accessed by a mobile user more often than a desktop user. This reaffirms the belief that mobile devices are transforming the way consumers search the internet as well as how employees are conducting business.


    Update mobile websites


    A mobile website should be the first step in any mobile marketing campaign. Organizations should develop a website that offers easy access to consumers, according to Jorgensen. Customers who access a website on their personal devices look for user-friendly interfaces that don't take long to load and aren't difficult to read, according to Business 2 Community's Andre Klein. If these requirements aren't fulfilled, a business runs the risk of turning consumers away from its site. IT departments should also develop smartphone apps with personalized content to strengthen their companies' images.


    Unique customer experiences


    SMS is a popular marketing tool companies are using to target a large number of people while spending little money. Klein wrote that bulk messages can be sent to target audiences, which can make results almost instantaneous. This call-to-action strategy encourages recipients of the message to text a word or number in order to receive an offer. Although SMS is easy to implement, companies should keep in mind that texts are limited to 140 characters or less.


    QR codes have also become popular marketing tools for companies of all sizes. Organizations are enhancing customer experiences by adding a QR code to business cards, magazine ads and products. Customers who scan the code are brought to a business website or a contact information page. By allowing consumer interaction, QR codes provide a unique experience for users, according to Klein.


    Just as social media has changed how customers engage with companies, mobile marketing introduces new strategies that take advantage of mobile popularity. Even if an organization incorporates one mobile strategy, it offers the opportunity to market its company and increase brand awareness.



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