Mobile Technology and the Third State

    In the last decade, mobile technology has created an entirely new way in which we interact through telecommunications. We can now be connected everywhere we go - any place, any time. Tom Nolle has a very interesting post about the impacts and ramifications of this Third State, over at No Jitter.

    Networking and T
    he Third State

    In 2000, CIMI Corporation found that people tended to recognize two communications behavioral states: "home" and "work/school". Mobile ubiquity created a Third State, "Out", and this Third State represents all the situations where we’re relatively free from obligation/supervision fetters. It's this Third State that is creating the direct pressure for communications change. A service at its most flexible meets an audience at its most receptive in terms of new ideas, patterns of behavior, and possible directions of interest. The Third State will change everything.

    via No Jitter | blog. Posted by Tom Nolle, CIMI Corp.

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