Mobile technology grows in healthy VoIP market

    More enterprises around the world are using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP),which allows users to communicate over the internet rather than traditional land line phone systems. The technology is often more cost-efficient, reliable and usable than traditional systems, especially for businesses with multiple branches and traveling employees. As the market for VoIP services grows, developers are working to improve the technology on mobile devices.

    According to Mobile Dev & Design, video VoIP on mobile devices is coming into vogue and users have high expectations. The news source reported that smartphone users want the absolute best voice and video quality in real time. This is made possible through advancement in mobile platforms, including multi-core processors and improved screens and batteries, reported the news source. The improvement in mobile platforms has allowed for vast amelioration in mobile video VoIP.

    VoIP on Facebook

    More developers are creating mobile apps that improve VoIP, but a new service that connects with Facebook provides users with the opportunity to make international phone calls for free.

    According to Tech2, Facebook has partnered with a VoIP provider to allow free phone calls for its users. With an iPhone, Facebook users can call their friends directly, reported the news source. Facebook is the largest social media website in the world. Offering free VoIP through the social network could revolutionize international calling.

    "Mobile numbers are legacy. By calling friends with our Facebook feature, you can always reach the person you want to speak to even if they change their number," said Pandelis Eliopoulos, co-founder of Facebook's VoIP provider, according to Tech2. "With the growing use of social media, the possibility to call your Facebook friends directly without a phone number is a logical evolution of mobile communication."

    According to the news source, users need to download the VoIP app to their devices in order to make calls. The app imports users' contacts and allows them to call others who have downloaded the app at no charge. Even if a friend doesn't have the app, calls can be made at a low fixed rate, reported the news source.

    The app was recently released in India, where there are 59 million Facebook users, according to Tech2.

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