Mobile UC for the Corridor Warrior

    Every industry has its corridor warriors—those employees who work inside a building, but spend the majority of their time away from their desk or office. From office managers and customer service reps to security personnel and medical professionals, they are the people frantically running between floors and departments, constantly on client calls and too in a rush to lug a cumbersome laptop everywhere with them.

    Corridor warriors are also the staff members who keep businesses afloat, so supporting them with the right communications technology when they’re on the move is critical. Here are some mobile essentials to help them stay nimble.

    The Mobile Phone

    The mobile phone is the ultimate must-have for any corridor warrior. Everything they need or want should be easily accessible via their mobile phone, so that they can enjoy a feature-rich “in office” communications experience even as they roam the corporate campus. This means transferring every advanced unified communications (UC) feature—like instant messaging, audio, video and web conferencing and unified messaging—from the desktop to the mobile device. Other imperative mobile features include:

    • Hot desking: Enables corridor warriors to log onto any on-site IP phone to access personal preferences and have calls routed to their mobile phones.
    • Personal area solutions: Extends the range of the corridor warrior’s personal employee area via cordless accessories and peripherals—all while remaining communicative via their desk phone.

    A robust unified communications platform lets you keep your corridor warriors connected and productive while enhancing overall business efficiency, improving customer service, controlling costs and promoting a safer, more secure workplace. Click here to learn more.

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