Mobile Video Increasing In Importance

    Historically speaking, video conferencing has not been as common as it is today. Now that the technology has been significantly consumerized, more professionals understand how to use it and own it privately. According to TMCnet contributor Steve Anderson, personal experiences with these tools have made video conferencing "a staple of modern business."

    "Video-chatting platforms gave rise to videoconferencing, and that was widely regarded as a good thing as businesses discovered that it was now possible to have at least some face-to-face meetings without having to engage in business travel, a costly and disruptive affair at the very least," Anderson wrote.

    The best way to implement video connectivity is to put a unified communications network in place. This will not only allow for face-to-face interactions from remote locations, but it also will enable them to be used alongside other channels in innovative new ways.

    How Video Improves On Established Practices

    Modern organizations are using video to deal with longstanding issues. For one thing, meetings occasionally require a person to travel across the country. This can prevent someone from fulfilling other obligations. Video helps to save time and eliminate travel costs that can be incurred in these situations.

    But it doesn't stop there. According to Anderson, many companies are now using video to recruit and interview potential employees. Some professionals may be willing to relocate for a job, but are unsure if they are willing to travel for the interview. These trips have a chance of being fruitless, which can deter some very talented people from applying. Conducting an interview over video can encourage as many candidates as possible to seek the position.

    More Video In 2015

    As the workforce continues to better understand technology and how it can be used, it is likely that many more organizations will be investing in video and related solutions.

    "Yes, videoconferencing is likely to see some substantial growth in the near-term, as people put it to work not only in business but also in the home and on the road as well," Anderson stated. "That's going to cause some issues of its own - demand on the network just for a start - but issues often mean opportunities, and the field is about to be wide open and very much full of these opportunities."

    Enterprises need to remember, however, that it's about more than just video. Mobile UC is important to have in order to simplify business communications.

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