Mobility and the cloud will bring changes to unified communications

    Unified communications solutions are one of the most effective ways to increase productivity, collaboration and reduce IT costs in a business. New trends of mobility and cloud communications are providing even more innovation to this already impressive service, according to IT World.

    Flexibility and improved availability can make UC not only useful for business success, but vital.

    A call center or IT department can utilize unified communications in a variety of ways, especially when combined with mobility solutions.


    According to a poll cited by the news source, 80 percent of the companies that utilize UC include smartphones and mobile desktops in that use. The poll also found that most businesses feel that mobility is one of UC's "top benefits," particularly the ability to access work email and messaging services from a smartphone.


    Cloud-based unified communications can provide just as many additional benefits for a business as UC alone does. According to the poll, 69 percent of organizations are already looking into or instating their UC solution within the cloud, and 65 percent stated that doing so made it even more cost beneficial. While, deploying UC services can be daunting, using the cloud can make it overall faster, easier and more reliable.



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