Mobility Magic, Seeing is Believing

    A couple of weeks ago when we announced the launch of ShoreTel Mobility for our cloud customers, we expected people to be interested.  After all no trends are more powerful in IT right now than cloud computing, mobility and BYOD.  The announcement generated a lot of press as well as a large number of inquiries from our clients and people in the process of choosing a business phone solution with mobility features.

    We think that the best way to answer all of your questions about ShoreTel Mobility is to let you see the app in action.  That’s why, we are conducting a free webinar next Thursday, July 19 at 2:00 PM EDT.  You’ll learn more about how it works and what you will get from using it.  You’ll see just how easy it is to use and have a chance to ask questions of our product team.  We’re looking forward to getting your feedback, so please join us.

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