Often times I get asked what the maximum number of groups are supported per agent within ShoreTel Contact Center.

“The Customer has 300 products, and they want reporting for each product, so we need 300 groups...right?” 

Sometimes the prospect only has 30 agents, and the agents do only two tasks, sales and support. Wow! Configuring 300 groups for 30 agents? What an administrative nightmare. We're presented this scenario because this is how our competitors have to architect the solution.

Fortunately, ShoreTel Contact Center has the infrastructure in place to accommodate these reporting needs without assigning an agent to 300 groups. The key is the underutilized DNIS (the number called) routing and reporting mechanisms.

The proper way to configure this is via DNIS routing. Each product should enter the Contact Center via a unique DNIS, either by a DID per product or a menu selection (that transfers to another DNIS). With the scenario above you would only need two groups (sales and support), and 300 DNISs.

When you execute a DNIS report, you'll get metrics on how many calls came in for baseballs, and how many for gloves. If a supervisor wants to review agents productivity then they'd execute a group or agent report which quantifies number of calls per group, break times etc.

DNIS reporting captures the customer experience. Perhaps an outsourced contact center takes warranty calls for Sony and Vizio. Sony customers would have their own toll free numbers. The DNIS reporting will show how many Sony Customers called in, how many were abandoned, what was the average speed of answer etc. This information can be used for negotiating the next contract period with Sony. These DNIS reports can automatically be generated and emailed to Sony. Sony doesn't care which agent took the call, how long Bobby was on break or if the call was overflowed to a backup group. Sony cares about the customer experience, hence DNIS reports!

Figure 1 – DNIS Report Showing 2 DNIS’ with daily totals

Additionally, if a contact center manager wants to determine how many calls they've taken, they'll mistakenly run a group report and consolidate. If a caller starts in support queue, and gets transferred to sales, it will count as two calls (sales received a call and so did support). DNIS reporting will only count this as one call. A true indication of overall contact center service levels and productivity is reflected in DNIS reporting.

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