More businesses moving phone systems off-site

    Not too long ago, the thought of moving business phone systems out of the communications closet and into a hosted or cloud environment was a revolutionary idea that only worked for a few companies. Channel Partners recently reported that this has changed, and turning to cloud VoIP, PBX and other hosted telephony solutions is becoming more common among businesses of all sizes.

    According to the news source, the current growth in cloud-based telephony systems is creating an environment where resellers and other organizations can benefit substantially. However, businesses still need to be convinced that the cloud will be the best option for their communication needs.

    To do this, the report said resellers and other dealers need to understand not only the full benefits of their solutions, but must also be able to present them to potential clients that are carefully discriminating between technological options.

    One way to convince cautious organizations to turn to the cloud is to point to the technology's superior availability and disaster recovery potential. Cloud-based telephony systems can offer organizations access to business continuity resources that cannot be matched by internal business phone services, helping limit revenue losses in the event of a disaster.

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