Motivating Agents: How to Make Contests Your New Status Quo

    Customer contact centers’ roles are paramount in today’s business, often carrying their company’s success on their shoulders. A single customer’s loyalty can lead to 10 times the value of their original purchase, and its ripple effect has a much wider reach with 69% of Americans saying they’d recommend a company after a positive experience.

    So, how can supervisors help agents stay motivated when engaging in these all-important customer interactions? Contests, while tempting in concept and highly effective in practice, are often impractical to pursue with any regularity due to administration demands. Time spent tallying results, updating standings, announcing prizes and settling disputes can be enough to fill a full-time position.        

    Not anymore!

    With today’s workforce optimization technology, evaluation scores and other KPI metrics can easily be leveraged to automate contests, standings updates and deliver rewards. With a simple selection of metric, participant, timeframe and reward(s), Encore Gamification taps into the reports behind the contest, calculates and displays standings in real-time for all contestants, delivers reward points and facilitates prize redemption, within the application.

    Despite its set-it-and-forget-it design, Encore Gamification gives agents continual visibility of top and personal standings, prizes at stake, contest timeframe, and even associated scores to know how to compete or defend their high rank.

    Motivating Agents: How to Make Contests Your New Status Quo

    With significant business hinging on the customer experience, upgrading quality management’s status quo is a win-win-win. Why do it the old fashioned way when today, it’s possible to do so much more? Learn more about Encore call recording and automated workforce optimization at   

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    Kathleen Kelly is a 29-year veteran of the telecommunications industry and one of the earliest proponents of CRM-based contact management systems that optimize the productivity of revenue producers in contact centers. Starting in 1987, she grew dvsAnalytics (formerly TeleDirect) from a start-up enterprise to an award-winning industry leader. Beginning in 2006, she led the initiative to transition the business focus to emerging sectors in the Workforce Optimization market where the company has established one of the largest networks of national resellers in the industry.

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