My phone system died, what do I do? Part 1

    Sometimes bad things happen, like your phone system just stops working. If your business relies on your phones to makes sales, provide customer support or to just function, what do you do?  An M5 customer, Brooklyn Brewery, had this exact situation. One day their phone system caught fire.  Yes, I mean that literally.  Flames and all. Their customers calling place orders got a busy signal. Yikes! Callers can take that as a clue that the business is out of business.  Something had to be done to resolve their problem ASAP.

    They called M5. We worked together to get them some phones and forward the numbers the same day. They were taking orders in no time.  This wasn’t the permanent solution, but we were able to get them back up and running so they could conduct business as usual. The next step was sitting down with them to talk about their long term plans and needs, and to ensure something like this NEVER happened again.

    Having a fire situation? Talk to us and we'll get you up and running on reliable phones ASAP.

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