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    Navigating Small to Midsized Business Communications Decisions: 7 Key Trends


    One word sums up the communications landscape—challenging. Choosing the right business communications solutions for your small to midsize business is no longer simply a case of choosing which type of phone system and brand you want. The mind-boggling array of options available today means that making the correct choice has never been more critical. 

    Communications behaviour is also changing. Today’s users are moving from formal meetings, booking resources and geographic limitations towards real-time collaboration, using diverse communication methods and devices, regardless of location.

    This transformation can be seen in seven key trends:

    1. Technology is now an enabler

    The rise of communications protocols like SIP and options like cloud are opening up a new world of applications and solutions. Today’s IP phone systems are gateways to this new world.

    2. SMB IT staff are increasingly cloud and applications managers

    The role of IT staff is evolving to become more proactive and strategic with a reduced emphasis on support and break/fix activities.

    3. Spending growth for a mobile world

    IT and telecom budgets are increasingly focused around the smartphone, on applications and on delivering a more flexible work experience.

    4. Re-imagining work

    A new approach is required to an increasingly mobile world of work—from teleworking to businesses without offices. 

    5. Premium on protection

    Many businesses are refocusing on protection in areas ranging from network security and remote working to applications and business continuity plans.

    6. Incremental, integrated solutions approach

    Without the resources to buy and install everything at once, many SMBs are adopting an incremental purchasing strategy and a phased approach to implementing applications and communications.

    7. Reshaping the customer experience

    The way customers buy products and services is transitioning online. All small to midsize businesses need to consider how this new form of customer engagement will impact the technology they need.   

    Going in-depth

    To explore these issues further, the teams at SMB Nation and Mitel have prepared an informative webinar to:

    • Explore important trends in business communications
    • Cover the pros and cons of cloud and traditional communications
    • Explain some of the business communications options available today
    • Outline the communications features you should consider
    • Demystify the terms used by telecom vendors


    An SMB Nation and Mitel Webinar
    December 3, 2015 at 10am PDT

    Register now >


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