Need for integrated phone systems drives VoIP market

    A recent Research and Markets report declares that the enterprise VoIP market in North America will continue see 15 percent annual growth between 2010-2014, due to demand for improved phone system integration. Many companies are looking to replace legacy business phone systems that have numerous lines and networks with a single solution that will work for multiple locations. The report is based on in-depth analysis of VoIP markets by industry experts, as well as input from vendors.

    Improvements to VoIP PBX systems and integration of telephony and data solutions have also contributed to the growth of the market, according to the report. Much of the savings provided by cloud phone system deployment is found in improved integration and collaboration, as well as increased employee productivity.

    In order to implement a successful hosted VoIP solution, businesses must examine the communication needs of employees, as well as the options provided by different vendors. Many VoIP systems include options that are only otherwise available in expensive, high-quality physical systems, such as higher audio quality that can greatly improve service for a company's workers or call center.

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