Neil Hyndman – Day 1 from Enterprise Connect

    Today marked Day One of Enterprise Connect 2014.  It was an exciting day and the event has kicked off with a big bang!  The attendance count this year must be a record level!  The front desk was telling me they are at 100% occupancy tonight and guests are being bussed to other local hotels.

    My first stop today was at the Mitel booth (booth number 607) on the convention floor.  There were so many people visiting the Mitel booth – one could hardly fit in.  With the recent merger of Mitel and Aastra there were plenty of new things to see and talk about.  Mitel has a number of demonstrations going on at the booth – including the latest MiCollab desktop and smartphone clients, MiContact Center 7.0 (just released!) and also a sit-down theater (right in the booth) that was demonstrating Mitel’s MiCloud UCaaS.  In addition to the sit-down theater featuring MiCloud, Mitel also use the Enterprise Connect show to make a major announcement about the MiCloud UCaaS.

    As a Mitel authorizedPARTNER I was particularly excited about the announcement that Mitel made at Enterprise Connect today (link here -  Customers aren’t going to stop installing phone systems (“call control”) within their premises any time soon, however we are starting to see an uplift of customers wanting to deploy their phone systems “in the Cloud.”  Customers are looking for a way to have their phone systems “hosted” in a remote data centre (the cloud, off premise) where it can provide a number of benefits to them.  Some customers will move all of their call control to the cloud, while others augment their implementations and use the MiCloud solution as a backup/DR type solution.  Continuing with Mitel’s evolution of a single software stream, MiCloud is the same MiVoice Business software Mitel’s customers and authorizedPARTNERS have come to expect.  It makes it easier for the end-user company AND the Mitel authorizedPARTNER.

    With the big changes that are happening within the unified communications industry, we all know that cloud/UCaaS deployments of call control is the next big thing.  Per normal, Mitel and the MiCloud is well positioned and based on what I saw today – very flexible as well!

    What was most exciting about today’s announcement was how Mitel is going to roll MiCloud out to the authorizedPARTNER community.  The way in which Mitel is rolling MiCloud out is truly untouched in the industry.  Mitel authorizedPARTNERS will sell MiCloud services the way they think is best for them – and their customers.  Mitel authorizedPARTNERS can “play in the cloud” while leveraging a multitude of levels of support from Mitel.  If a Mitel authorizedPARTNER wants to have Mitel host everything – or perhaps just certain portions – MiCloud is flexible enough to do just that.  Mitel authorizedPARTNERS can build a MiCloud solution that works best for them and their customers – tailored to what they need.

    As I wrap up Day One’s blog entry, I’m looking very forward to listening to Christian Szpilfogel, Mitel’s Chief Architect talk about the benefits of MiCloud and how it’s more than just a change from CapEx to OpEx.  Mitel will go head-to-head with other call control software companies – and it looks to be an exciting event!  That event starts at 4PM in the Osceola A room.  I’m also going to head back to the Mitel booth to get more in-depth demonstrations of CCM 7.0 and the MiColab software tools and clients.