Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software represents a diverse marketplace: on-site, cloud-hosted, general purpose, industry-specific.

But what do they all have in common? Communications.

When clients call, ShoreTel integrations can be the conduit to the CRM software. At ShoreTel we are doing our best to integrate with many of the most popular CRMs as well as a few of the specialized ones. We invite you to take a look at a selection of some of our integrations. is one of the largest cloud based CRMs. ShoreTel’s adapter runs inside the Web client. It can match incoming records, provides “click-to-dial” out of Salesforce pages and allows Workgroup agent state control.

Sage ACT!
ACT! is a pioneer in the CRM industry and has millions of registered users. ShoreTel’s ACT! Up integration provides incoming screen pops showing various (configurable) data points from the caller’s ACT! contact record. A “click-to-dial” control also allows dialing out of the ACT! client application.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM
The ShoreTel integration provides telephone number lookups into the Microsoft Dynamics CRM data store and automatic or user driven navigation to related records. It provides an easy configuration of the search settings to allow lookup of both standard and custom CRM entities and attributes. A rich set of user settings combine to allow each user control over exactly how to respond to calls and lookup results.

ShoreTel’s NetSuite integration allows for screen pops with options for displaying records, logging the phone call, creating a new user note or creating a new contact if one does not exist. You can choose to search customer, contact, partner or vendor records when matching phone numbers.

LexisNexis Time Matters
Catering to law firms serving individuals and small businesses, Time Matters allows ShoreTel’s integration to display a client record and, optionally, start a phone call timer on incoming calls.

Vertafore AMS360
Thousands of independent insurance agencies use Vertafore’s AMS360 agency management software. Shoretel’s integration provides incoming screen pops of customer and policy data as well as displaying the customer record in the AMS360 application.

ShoreTel EasyPop
For home grown and other CRMs, ShoreTel offers a generic screen pop client application called EasyPop. EasyPop can execute a user-configured target such as a batch file, application executable or Web URL on appearance of a phone call. Specific call related parameters (caller ID, DNIS, etc.) can be passed to the target, as configured.

*Please note all trademarks are property of holders; inclusion in this article is not an endorsement by ShoreTel.


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