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The Network of the Future is About IP Convergence

In today’s Internet environment, the demand for seamless communication, collaboration and mobility is at the forefront. Large carriers are starting to recognize the importance of investing in one network to provide wireless and business services and to integrate enterprise solutions seamlessly across a single IP network.

Carriers such as mobile operators, MVNOs and cable operators are looking for ways to monetize the powerful capabilities of the new IP network to blend personal mobile services with business services and to leverage trends like bring your own device (BYOD) and the enterprise mobility evolution. The term “unified communications” (UC) has been used to describe a variety of services, but what is consistent is that UC requires a migration to a converged IP network to make it seamless and cost effective. In other words, the integration of voice, video, instant messaging and presence with other data traffic cannot happen without IP convergence.

It’s happening now. Two examples of this are AT&T’s re-organization announcement in late 2014 combining wireless and enterprise business units, and Verizon’s focus on leveraging VoLTE to introduce advanced service capabilities for industry verticals, like telepresence for the health care field.

VoLTE is an inflection point where Internet technology and telecommunications services come together to underpin a wide range of new operator services. Mitel will soon deliver a single-vendor solution with credible pedigrees in mobile and enterprise markets unlocking the door for the next wave of converged communications for things like IoT and M2M!

Are you ready for the network of the future?

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