A new bill in California has legal implications for VoIP

    Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is enjoying success in business environments and contact centers, so much so that some advocates are trying to regulate its use. The state of California is attempting to ensure that the service does not suffer from further regulations.

    According to Forbes, California will join 24 other states in stopping regulators from limiting VoIP without explicit orders from the state government. The bill to stop regulation is called SB 1171 and has been endorsed by various trade groups and has also passed the senate in California. Soon, Governor Jerry Brown will sign the bill.


    Why is the bill necessary? According to Forbes, a small amount of academics and other advocates have tried to create rules regarding security and privacy that affect VoIP services. The European government is trying to manage internet products and services like a public utility such as water, gas or electricity, which is a faulty system, explained Forbes.


    Techzone360 reported that it's difficult for legislators to find their place in a growing technological world, but that trying to regulate VoIP is very problematic. VoIP offers voice calling over the internet, a service that doesn't appear to need many restrictions.



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