New Country Configurations

    ShoreTel has enabled new country configurations in our latest release of ShoreTel 11 software. In 11.2 we’ve included country profiles for Hungary, Chile and Indonesia.

    But what does selecting a country profile do inside the product?

    The first and most visible property is the system language. This means that phones, applications and voicemail are set to the default language we offer for that country. Of course if you want to have more than one language concurrently on the system – such as a global standard in addition to a local language then ShoreTel can do that too.

    The country profile also makes changes to the system that are not immediately visible such as the tone plan we play to telephony users for call progress and the dial plan that is used to identify number types as calls are dialled. Tone and Dial plans can be subject to local regulation so as such are important to the localisation for meeting local government approval. As well was making sure that phone numbers are displayed correctly on phones and applications, the dial plan groups dialled numbers into categories such as local, national, cellular etc., so that user call permissions can be enforced.

    So why has ShoreTel added three more country profiles in 11.2?

    Because of customer demand!

    With the brilliant simplicity of the ShoreTel architecture we had customers adding offices in those countries and with IP connections up and running between sites it was easy for them to add the new sites to their systems.

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