New Jersey Shares Keeps the Lights On with ShoreTel Connect CLOUD

    When it comes to keeping the lights, heat and phone on, New Jersey Shares ensures families can do so in the Garden State by helping to pay utility bills. So for New Jersey Shares, answering the phone is essential to responding to important requests. That’s why the organization has relied on ShoreTel Sky and moved to ShoreTel Connect CLOUD recently.  

    With a call volume of more than 200,000 calls a year in one of its three units alone, New Jersey Shares has relied on ShoreTel Sky since 2010 to ensure it could handle all the calls it receives.

    “Often, we’re the difference between somebody having heat and not having heat, so the way our hotline works, we really couldn’t have any downtime,” said Kimberly Warrick, director of client services at New Jersey Shares.

    Between the customer service and the features, ShoreTel Sky was a natural fit for the non-profit. ShoreTel Sky could not only handle the large customer call volume, but it could easily scale to meet the organization’s needs as it grew.

    So when ShoreTel unveiled its latest cloud phone system, ShoreTel Connect CLOUD, in August, New Jersey Shares upgraded to the system in September of 2015. ShoreTel Connect CLOUD is a next-generation, scalable, feature-rich solution that empowers employees to do more no matter where they are. In addition to crystal clear connections, ShoreTel Connect CLOUD offers instant messaging, faxing and state-of-the-art remote access features that Warrick and her team find very useful.

    “I can operate remotely with less effort now," said Warrick. “The call forward feature to my cell phone does different things. It was very easy to set them up and it’s also very easy to change them. So we have a whole team of people that work out in the community. They’re not sitting at their desks so for them to be able to quickly forward something to their cell phone or to make changes, the changes are very easily made in the new system as opposed to the old system where you had to really log in.”

    ShoreTel Engineers also added a “state buttons” that Warrick found most useful.

    “You can just let people know in a second that we’re in a meeting or that we’re on a conference call or that we’re in the middle of something, whereas the [the old system], every time we left the office or every time we went into a meeting, we would have to re-record a message…It’s very quick.”

    But best of all New Jersey Shares sees the potential of saving a lot of time with ShoreTel Connect CLOUD’s advanced reporting tools. The new tools will save staff members precious time from counting calls and digging through reports. Instead of having staff struggle over call logs and figure out different metrics, the metrics are already preconfigured for them and emailed on a regular basis. This is important to any organization, but especially for the small staff like New Jersey Shares because it allows them to focus more time on what is most important to the organization: Helping people.