A Making Connections Video Podcast
Partner PowerUp Series

What do you do when the world turns upside-down? You get creative about how to connect with customers and partners.

This is exactly what the marketing team at Mitel did to keep the lines of communication open with its partners. In this PowerUp Series podcast episode, you'll find out why Mitel partners are responding differently to Mitel programs, how they're getting more engaged with Mitel marketing content, and why virtual events saved the day.

Looking for a program or campaign mentioned in this episode? Be sure to ask your Mitel CAM or Field Marketing Manager.

About this Podcast: Powering up Mitel partners across the globe is the focus of this special series of insight-filled conversations. Through tangible tips and all the latest details, you'll get a greater sense of Mitel's commitment to creating relationships that are Stronger Together. Special guests in this episode: Emily Kemp, Director of Marketing, Northern Region, and Ilona Masche, Director of Marketing, Central Europe.

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