New study highlights exact cost-savings of unified communications

    Industry experts have praised unified communications for its ability to help businesses operate more efficiently, and a recent study by a leading telephony software vendor shed light on just how much a company can save with a successful UC deployment.

    The report said that an organization with 100 employees can save 191 hours of lost productivity per day, totalling 49,660 hours each year. The vendor noted that businesses with successful unified communications systems in place stand to save an average of $920,000 annually.


    With these benefits available to organizations of all sizes, it is no wonder that the global market for unified communications and collaboration (UCC) technology is expected to expand in the near future. Independent research firm COMMfusion recently said worldwide spending for UCC solutions will grow 8 percent in 2012, surpassing $12.2 billion this year. By 2016, this figure iis projected to reach approximately $20.8 billion.


    Unified communications redefining how companies operate


    Other industry research has shed light on the immense advantages associated with unified communications. A recent survey of nearly 1,100 companies conducted by a U.K. conference call service provider said that nearly 60 percent of businesses named UC as a solution that could help boost productivity while also lowering operating costs.


    There are many other advantages associated with unified communications, according to the study. More than 50 percent of organizations polled said UC deployments improve collaboration between partners, customers and suppliers.


    "Times are changing and today's workforce has to adapt in order to stay ahead," the firm's CEO, Simon Curry, explained. "We have an abundance of technology at our fingertips and UC will only make it easier now for businesses to streamline communications and in turn be in a better position to service customers. UC is on its way to becoming [an] integral cog in the way businesses communicate; it's up to us not to resist."


    Businesses looking to keep pace with rivals


    A separate survey conducted by IT nonprofit CompTIA also emphasized the growing importance of unified communications. The firm said that 85 percent of businesses polled said their UC and collaboration technology investments are expected to rise as they try to keep up with competitors.


    Seth Robinson, CompTIA analysis director, explained that companies are expected to adopt a hybrid approach regarding their unified communications deployments by integrating the cloud for collaboration and conferencing and on-site solutions for voice, video and data requirements.