New study quantifies productivity benefit of unified communications

    A new study of SIP-based technologies found that the average business sees a productivity increase of 23 percent with unified communications implementation. A total of 1.21 hours per employee per day, this can reach savings of $13,000 annually per worker for an average company. The study, 2012 Economic Impact of SIP in the Enterprise, was commissioned by a leading SIP communications company.

    Taking data from 267 large businesses, the study shows that most companies saw a 75 percent reduction of IT telecom bills after deploying a VoIP PBX solution as well. However, the new data on productivity savings offers a previously-unquantified look at this specific UC benefit, which many businesses have sought.


    Having a firmer idea of the actual savings provided by the less concrete advantages of hosted PBX can better help a business pick the best communications solution. The flexibility of UC solutions can help potentially help these businesses improve these benefits even more. By only integrating the specific services that meet operational needs, a company can lower the initial cost of UC deployment and reduce the unnecessary information employees have to sort through to access the tools they need.



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