ShoreTel is once again expanding internationally by adding support for more countries, and this time it’s Israel.

Demand has been rising from both offices of multi-national companies and local customers that see the benefit of ShoreTel simplicity and want to purchase a system.

But so much has to happen before we launch into a new country that it’s a big step even with ShoreTel’s existing global presence. Entering a new market is not taken lightly where product approvals need to be in place with the local regulator and the right channels to market established.

Since ShoreTel is 100% channel and we don’t sell our products directly, we need a partnership in country with a distributor. The distributor knows the local conditions and can adapt the value proposition to local needs in local language.

They say people buy from people – so establishing the right routes to market is essential for mutual success. So why does a distribution partner want to take on a new UC product line for their domestic market?

MobileU has just signed up with ShoreTel and these were the criteria their CEO Yaacov Sherban looked for when he evaluated possible suppliers:

“We have seen that customer satisfaction is the main issue in ShoreTel and for me as former VP in IBM it is a sign for the right company approach. ShoreTel is a world-wide leader in TCO and it is an important parameter in purchase decision making in Israel.”

Where ShoreTel has the advantage over other UC competitors is that we have integrated Mobility as part of the UC solution, not an add-on. MobileU added:

“ShoreTel provides in addition to great IP solution the Mobility solution and for majority of Israeli companies having many people travelling abroad or having brunches all over the world it is a solution that the ROI can be in just months. We see already that the leading companies in the industry are waiting for start Mobility pilots.”

Any new partnership needs investment from both sides and MobileU is clear why ShoreTel has the right product set for them:

“Great product with great customer reference base, attractive TCO for SME market (80% of Israeli target market), product innovation and technology leadership – what can you ask more from your partner?”

In turn, ShoreTel localized our product to meet Israeli legal and market requirements. Over the coming months we will also be providing Hebrew language to allow MobileU to fully integrate into their local market.


Digital transformation has become a top initiative for business and IT leaders. In today’s business world, sustainable market leadership is no longer based solely on which company has the best products or even the best people. Instead, organizations that are agile and can quickly adapt to rapidly evolving market trends will become market leaders.

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