New York call center ‘tax’ proposal targets customer service off-shoring

    Some telecom news out of Albany- it should be interesting to see if Charles Schumer's proposal to tax calls transferred to overseas call centers becomes law. If so, it could easily turn into a trend across the country as states try to come up with creative new taxes to shrink budget shortfalls.

    M5's world-class customer service team is located in Rochester, NY. They're a perfect example of a highly-trained expert call center right here in New York State. If Schumer is able to grow the number of call centers like ours across New York maybe the tax won't be such a terrible thing. The downside could be if the tax affects the many M5 customers who have remote employees located overseas. It remains to be seen how the bill will be written and how they'll be able to legislate this gray area.

    Call center ‘tax’ proposal targets customer service off-shoring

    At this points it’s a bit of a local politico story, but New York Sen. Charles Schumer is proposing legislation to tax companies 25 cents each time a call is transferred to a foreign country. While call center off-shoring and outsourcing is prevalent in many industries, larger U.S. service providers and cable MSOs have leaned on the practice at times to help keep customer support costs low.

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