No Bars? No Problem.

    Ever notice that the worst place to handle business calls on a smartphone can be inside the office? Cell reception is often terrible in buildings causing poor audio quality and dropped calls. It is amazing that even after all of the advances in smart phone technology, we still find ourselves asking, “Can you hear me now?” More than just a mere annoyance, it can be a real impediment to adopting a truly mobile business culture.

    ShoreTel Mobility for your M5 phone system addresses this with a smart application that automatically selects the best network, Wi-Fi or cellular to give you the best possible voice quality. If a strong Wi-Fi signal is available, say from inside your office, your call will be made over the network and will sound exactly like a call from an office phone. No more apologizing or repeating what you just said. And, unlike solutions that are limited to Wi-Fi connections, If you walk out of the office to get a bite to eat, the call will automatically be redirected to your cellular network without interruption. An easy solution to an otherwise frustrating problem. Simple!

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