No Flies on Terminix

    When the South Carolina regional offices of Terminix Service, an independent business licensed by renowned pest controllers Terminix International, needed a new IP phone solution, the company’s IT group quickly exterminated the major vendors from their evaluation list, and chose ShoreTel.

    In the highly competitive pest control industry, responding to anxious customers quickly and professionally is critical for success. The company needed the advanced, efficient features available in a modern IP-based phone system, but with a small staff to manage all aspects of IT across all 52 branches of the company, they didn’t need additional complexity or specialized programming requirements.

    At the same time, Terminix Services had to upgrade its networks to meet the growing data and traffic demands, and turned to ShoreTel partner, Brocade, for a robust Layer 3 switching solution that supports highly reliable communications.

    This powerful combination of network infrastructure and advanced unified communications is transforming the way that companies like Terminix Services are doing business. For more information, read the Brocade case study or watch our brief video of ShoreTel CEO John W. Combs talking about the cost, efficiency and reliability advantages of ShoreTel IP business communication solutions.

    With our obsessive focus on world-class customer satisfaction, low total cost of ownership and exceptional management ease, it’s easy to see how IT staff at Terminix Services was bitten by the ShoreTel bug!

    Request a ShoreTel demo and see how you can zap your communication bugs, too.



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