Not all unified communications options are for everyone

    While unified communications provides a variety of reliable and beneficial collaboration tools for a business, some of them may be too advanced for the average user. According to Unified Communications Strategies contributor Jon Arnold, UC components like VoIP PBX and instant messaging have clear and quantifiable value for a business, but one aspect's advantage is still a bit hazy - video.

    Video conferencing gives an obvious edge in the form of allowing colleagues in different places to hold a face-to-face conversation, but ultimately how useful is that advantage? According to Arnold, it may not be cost effective, and a business needs to ask questions in order to determine video's value. Video by itself is a versatile collaboration medium, but many of its uses are very specific, and may never be utilized by the average professional.


    Ultimately, the value of video can be based on its return on investment. If the business has clients who already use, or are requesting video communication, then the technology may be a wise choice. However, if the business is going into a video deployment "blind," it may be best to leave this option out. Luckily, UC systems are flexible, allowing features to be added or removed at a later date, so a company can always add video or other technological advances after implementation to improve its communication tools.



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