NRC adopting cloud for call center

    More federal agencies are adopting the cloud for hosting and integration services, including call center and system analysis solutions. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is moving to a private cloud as part of an IT overhaul aimed at improving its technology capabilities and moving financial management and HR to virtual systems. According to Federal News Radio, this is just one of many government departments making this switch.

    Virtual systems are not only more flexible, allowing employees to work from home and access services more easily, they are also more affordable. Making the move to the cloud will allow federal agencies to save hundreds of millions of dollars, according to the news report. When the NRC has completed this change, its hosting, integration and application management services, along with call center and systems maintenance will all be virtualized in the cloud.

    According to another report by Federal News Radio, the Department of Labor also recently moved IT functions to the cloud. As more government agencies follow this trend, they will be able to improve their help desk and other customer services, handling calls more quickly and operating more efficiently.

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