OAISYS: Why the Cloud Matters

    One of the focal points of our annual ShoreTel Champion Partner Conference is the Innovation Center – where technology partners are available to chat with resellers about ways to increase revenue and margins, while making the customer experience even stronger.

    In the days leading up to this year’s event, some of our top sponsors have shared their thoughts on our industry.

    Today we hear from Bill Johnson, director of marketing at OAISYS.


    In an election year that has proven particularly polarizing, even by normal political standards, the strong appeal of choice and flexibility becomes even more strikingly apparent in the many other facets of the world we live in.

    For example, the emergence of the cloud-computing phenomenon has proven tremendously impactful to the global business environment, expanding the range of options available for technology deployment and consumption.

    As a longtime provider of call recording and contact center management solutions to the ShoreTel channel and active member of the ShoreTel Innovation Network, OAISYS has been especially interested in ShoreTel’s advancements in cloud-based communications. ShoreTel’s vision for bridging cloud and on-premise solutions to provide the best of both worlds is one that OAISYS also shares and supports.

    As the hype surrounding cloud computing continues to grow, it becomes increasingly important for technology vendors to stay focused on why the cloud truly matters to customers and what advantages it can provide.

    Quite often, an organization’s functional needs are at odds with a variety of resource limitations.  For example, companies within the SMB space can face the same vast array of compliance requirements as their enterprise counterparts.  Proper documentation and archival of calls in accordance with these requirements can prove equally critical in either case.  However, smaller businesses may feel that the advanced applications that could help address these challenges are beyond reach, or are difficult to justify dedicated ownership of.

    The cloud levels the playing field, making what was seemingly unattainable for some customers achievable. Desired solutions can be deployed without concern for capital cost, operation and maintenance. Moreover, when combining cloud-driven services with on-premise technologies in a hybrid approach, pre-existing infrastructure investments can be preserved and the best possible decisions regarding application migration to the cloud can be made.

    The flexibility offered by hybrid solutions from vendors like ShoreTel and OAISYS allows customers to build on their foundations and deploy the communications applications right for them, at the pace they prefer and with the assurance of easy change when desired.

    This best-of-both-worlds dynamic can eliminate the need for organizations to make difficult technology purchasing decisions that may only partially meet their unique business requirements.  If only this same approach could be more easily applied to other areas of our personal and business lives!

    We’ll be providing an overview of OAISYS AllWays, our vision for the many ways in which OAISYS software applications can be deployed and accessed, at the upcoming ShoreTel Champion Partner Conference, of which we are a Platinum Sponsor. Please stop by Booth 5 during the event, and learn how OAISYS is opening the door to new possibilities for ShoreTel customers and resellers.

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