Obama Bemoans Lack of “Cool Phones” – ShoreTel Can Help

    So as it turns out, when the history books are written about our 44th U.S. President, there is not likely to be a sidebar featuring the White House’s innovative communication solutions. Last week, during a private fundraiser, President Barack Obama’s microphone was left on and reporters covering the event gained some insight into the President’s technological dissatisfaction.

    “Obama said he thought that as president, he’d have some ‘cool phones and stuff’ in the Oval Office, but ‘we can’t get our phones to work!’” tweeted CBS reporter Mark Knoller when he overheard Obama’s complaints. “Pres Obama said the govt’s IT ‘is horrible.’ He said that’s the case ‘across the board’: at the Pentagon, Homeland Security, the agencies.”

    (As you may recall, prior to his inauguration, President Obama was known for his reluctance to surrender his Blackberry—so his dissatisfaction with outdated, complex technology is not out of character.)

    So here at ShoreTel, we consider it our patriotic duty to enlighten our commander-in-chief about a brilliantly simple phone system that includes not only incredibly cool hardware, but is based on a reliable backend with the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry. Your phones will work across the board with our system, Mr. President.

    We recommend the IP 655 for Mr. Obama. This shining example of coolness has 12-line appearances and a large backlit touch color display. ShoreTel’s attention to design detail delivers a precision-balanced, contoured handset which can rest comfortably against the ear, thereby maximizing productivity while minimizing fatigue and potential pain in President Obama’s neck and shoulders.

    The phone itself has a gentle concave sweep, which positions the keypad horizontally for ease of dialing while keeping the display at the optimum angle for visibility. The control face on all ShoreTel phones makes it easy for users to manage communication tasks, including call transfer, conferencing, call parking and intercom. (And we’re guessing Obama and his staff manage a lot of communications daily.)

    Visual voicemail makes it very easy to browse, play and manage voicemail messages and the advanced directory display with telephony presence allows users to see if somebody is available for a phone call.

    Obama can also personalize the background image on the phone – perhaps with an image of beautiful spacious skies, amber waves of grain, purple mountain majesties, or Beau the dog.

    An example of how President Obama could customize his Oval Office "cool" phone.



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