Observing “The Mobile”

    Over the holidays, I started observing people and their smartphones and how this 2”x4” compartment of electronics is impacting who we are and what we do.

    I began to wonder if nail salons were losing revenue given its virtually impossible to type on an iPhone with long finger nails. Did the raise of the smartphone change nail length for many women? I think so; start observing and you won’t see many texting hands with long nails! Maybe Siri will help nail salons keep clients in the future or the new “texting nail” will be invented by Maybelline.

    Watching the furious speed at which many people type or text (especially the under 25 crowd), I next started wondering about thumb dexterity and how this would impact the joints – positively or negatively.  Maybe thumb wrestling will become an official Olympic sport given the mobile age we live in and carpal tunnel will be replaced with thumb-joint fatigue!

    I then started thinking about society’s capacity for patience and if smartphones have increased our tolerance for things like standing in line or sitting in waiting rooms or hanging out for the bus – because now the collective we, have something to do with this “downtime”. Impatient frustration can now be replaced with checking Facebook or Tweeting your status or responding to a work question. Any and all “downtime” can be filled, changing our perspective of the situation in that moment and making every moment an opportunity to be productive.

    Smartphones are impacting us and our society in ways we don’t even know yet but one thing I do know is that being part of “the mobile” is freeing because I can be hyper-productive no matter where I am as long as my nails are short and my thumbs work! Standing around doing nothing is now a choice.