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    Bracknell, a veritable hub of multinational tech companies, has opened its arms to another. ShoreTel, with the help of Dr. Phillip Lee, MP for Bracknell, has thrown open the doors of its new European headquarters in Inspired, Easthampstead Road. The move was overdue – we have grown exponentially over the past 18 months, and the time had come to situate ourselves in an office that reflected our own ambition. This was the one. The space is expansive with the orange of ShoreTel permeating throughout the office, reminding all those who enter of the ambition and scope of the company now inhabiting it. Our choice of location and office was educated by our ever-expanding partner and customer base – we asked ourselves: what would best suit them?

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    Bracknell, with its convenient transport links to major airports, including Heathrow, and neighbouring cities London and Reading, proved to be the ideal choice. As for the office, it’s the space of a company that realises its potential and is striving to meet it. It offers new facilities for our technology, as well as an expanded floor for our researchers and salesforce. We have doubled the meeting room space and yet still there is room for more. We did not want an office that was just big enough – we wanted one that our workforce can grow into as we expand. Inspired was just the place to do this.

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    The opening was punctuated with words from our new local Bracknell MP, Dr Phillip Lee. He brought attention to our steady expansion and the positive impact it could have on the local area. As our resident technical expert showed off the ShoreTel Dock to Dr. Lee, it was again clear that the technology was as impressive as our shiny new accommodation. Matching our quality and ambition with our work-space has long been our aim, and with our UK workforce looking on as Dr. Lee unveiled an official plaque marking the day, it was easy to swell with pride at the steps we have taken. However, this is just the next step in ShoreTel’s journey – and hopefully an inspired one.

    ShoreTel Ribbon Cutting

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