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    Office Productivity: A Work in Progress


    Communicating is an essential part of any office environment. But technology, processes, and individual choices can get in the way. Based on an annual workplace productivity study, our infographic dives into how office workers communicate – and more importantly – what gets in the way of that communication to ultimately hamstring productivity.

    How do office workers spend their time? How do they communicate? What gets in the way of work? Why do workers have conflict with others and who do they butt heads with the most? How does that conflict affect them (hint: the answer is almost always lost productivity)?

    These are all questions we cover in our infographic. And the answers may reveal opportunities for your organization to improve communications and boost productivity.

    For example, if multi-team projects are a source of slow-down, perhaps a team collaboration tool that spans departments could cut down on communications latency. If workers prefer email to phone communications because they want a paper trail, maybe a phone system with call recording would give them a greater level of comfort. And let’s not forget, sometimes it’s processes and governance – not tools – at the heart of a productivity hurdle. It doesn’t matter if you’re using an on-premises or cloud-based communication system if your workers aren’t using it in a consistent and productive way.

    Check out the infographic for the full story.


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