Oh Canada! ShoreTel Continues Customer Growth in Canada

    Home to the maple leaf and millions of hockey fans, Canada also has a growing base of ShoreTel customers who are selecting our UC solutions over big name competitors. To support this growth, ShoreTel recently opened a new head office, executive briefing center and training center in Toronto.

    Our happy Canadian customers say it best:

    “We considered systems from Mitel, Cisco, and Avaya, but ShoreTel offered a solution that would seamlessly carry our organization into the future,” said Jackie McLauchlin-Welch, director of communications and engagement at Georgian Bay General Hospital. “There were a number of factors that we considered as we looked at the different phone systems, but ultimately ShoreTel won out based on its reliability, redundancy, uptime, ease of administration and end-user acceptance of the phones and the unified communications client.”

    “During our research into Avaya and Cisco as alternatives to purchasing more Mitel equipment, I couldn’t help notice that almost everywhere people were suggesting ShoreTel as an alternative,” said Adrien Carlyle, IT manager, White Oaks Conference Resort & Spa. “For us, ShoreTel won in every possible way over the competition. By far, it was the most cost effective option, with open standards, VMware support on the scale we need for meeting disaster recovery requirements, and interoperability with our existing fixed mobile convergence technology.”

    And our employee and native Canadian Bernard Gutnick shared these observations:

    For someone like myself who grew up in the telecom era in Canada, having been employed by Northern Telecom before it was called Nortel, and remembering when SIP was what you did with a coffee at Portage and Main in January, I’m really pleased to see ShoreTel is becoming such a success in my home land.  Looking back, Nortel’s demise was very devastating to most Canadians, including myself who has a trusty Northern Telecom phone in the kitchen.  It was the loss of one of the strongest Canadian tech companies in history, and having it rolled into Avaya which lead to Canadian employees being let go and products like Norstar being killed, was not the way Canadians wanted to see the movie end. Mitel is showing some signs of being in similar financial troubles, so many Canadians now view Cisco as the safest alternative to Nortel and Mitel, and really prefer not to look at Avaya.  But at the same time, Canadians are very pragmatic “give me the facts and numbers” types. They really focus on the solutions requirements and less on the sizzle and are always looking for the most valuable solution that delivers the best results.  It was that way with Nortel before.  There was nothing better than that trusty Meridian 1 TDM PBS and 2616 digital phone, even if you needed to know how to work the Meridian 1 terminal command line interface.

    And now ShoreTel is viewed as that challenger to Cisco in the market who commands a significant cost structure for software renewals and support in Canada, whereas ShoreTel has a much easier solution to operate resulting in a much lower TCO.  So we’re pleased to be the growing company in my country that I enjoy visiting. Whether it's the Winnipeg Convention Center in my home town that added ShoreTel Mobility to their Mitel PBX, or Boston Pizza which goes down well after a Winnipeg Jets game, it’s a pleasure to see Canada becoming just like the US – where ShoreTel is the leading provider of all IP based solutions. So if money is no object, Cisco is certainly there for a sale. But for most Canadians, money is an object, and it’s just one of the many reasons why Canadian customers find ShoreTel provides everything Cisco does, resulting in higher employee satisfaction and a much lower total cost of ownership. Those savings must just land you two tickets for your IT team to the Winnipeg Jets, if you’re lucky enough to even find a pair of tickets these days. Go Jets! Go ShoreTel!