Olivet Nazarene University Saves $300,000 by Graduating to ShoreTel VoIP

    Much like a goldfish restricted by the size of its tank, Olivet Nazarene University was facing serious technological restrictions, especially in regards to its communications solutions. Olivet decided to partner with CMS Solutions to properly address the issues the school was facing and find a solution that addressed their particular challenges and was cost-effective and easy to implement. It was time for the goldfish to move to a bigger tank.

    According to Dennis Seymour, Chief Information Officer at Olivet, “When we were looking at the phone systems, we weren’t just looking at the technology; we were looking at the people who they were bringing in – the salesperson, the people behind them, the engineers and the implementers to see how well they worked together and how much they wanted their customers to be a part of the process. You can tell when some companies just want to sell something and drop it and go. Well, this was not the case with CMS Solutions.”

    Olivet faced unique challenges that required a delicate hand to solve. Six years prior to hiring CMS Solutions, Olivet explored using VoIP telephony and UC. However, their existing infrastructure lacked the network capabilities to fully execute their plans. Later, Olivet purchased two Avaya solutions that became prohibitively expensive to upgrade.

    CMS Solutions reviewed solutions from multiple providers: Mitel, AT&T, Lync, Cisco, NEC. Each of the offers made by these providers failed to adequately address all of Olivet’s requirements.

    ShoreTel was eventually decided upon, with CMS Solutions guiding the deployment process. According to Seymour, “CMS Solutions went out of the way to accommodate us, to make us understand what this technology means, and how it can be used in our environment.”

    Olivet has estimated total cost of ownership (TCO) savings at $200,000 to $300,000 over the next three years. The reduced TCO is a key business benefit that ShoreTel has been able to provide to multiple businesses in different industries.

    According to Brody Walker, Vice President of IT Manager of First Security Bank, “With ShoreTel we have a standardized VoIP framework for the company, which means a single system to know how to support. In addition for the branches we’ve completed, we’ve seen savings upwards of 80%. It has made for a significantly short ROI.”

    Minnwest Bank, New Dominion Bank and other banks echo Walker’s sentiment and results.

    Even large contact centers are using ShoreTel’s Unified Communications to boost ROI and productivity. In 2010, services such as North West Ambulance, Morristown Utility Systems and other contact centers utilized ShoreTel’s UC and experienced improved ROI and decreased TCO.

    Back at Olivet, the faculty has been thrilled with the new ShoreTel UC features. The ShoreTel Communicator is the hit of the campus because it allows faculty members to look up anyone in the system. This alone reduces the need for internal phone books and greatly streamlines operations.

    Another favorite is ShoreTel’s mobility solutions that allow faculty members to send and receive messages through SMS, IM, email or voicemail. They can even make and receive calls through their work number.

    ShoreTel Conferencing will shortly be added to Olivet’s ShoreTel powered efficiency engine, saving an additional $16,000 per year. With initiatives aimed at adding 5,000 more students over the next two year, CMS Solutions and ShoreTel will be continually involved in Olivet’s growth.

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