One for the Money…Two for the Show…Three Tradeshows to Choose…Now Go Go Go!

    The fall season of tradeshows is upon us – with three back to back shows in San Francisco, San Antonio and Phoenix! So for your dining pleasure, you get to choose from Dungeness crab in San Francisco, Texas brisket in San Antonio, or barbequed armadillo in Scottsdale. Three choices, but one thing in common – they all have a tradeshow featuring ShoreTel! Let’s spin the wheel and see where we land.

    It’s CUNA on Monday for the Credit Union North America conference in San Antonio, at the beautiful Marriott Riverwalk where it is 102 degrees outside, but lots of cool applications inside. We’re showing our latest ShoreTel Mobility and ShoreTel 12 collaboration capabilities to financial buyers.

    I’m at this show, and I can tell you that ShoreTel customers make it easy. I was talking to a prospective customer using a Nortel system. “No plans to change,” he noted. Up comes a ShoreTel customer who says, “Hey, we were on Nortel, moved to ShoreTel and haven’t looked back.” They then chatted over drinks for at least an hour. (And they didn’t even have any brisket at the table! He must have liked what he heard.)

    Next is the GigaOM Mobilize Conference in San Francisco (also today) where we are showing some cool mobility applications. One lucky attendee who stops by the ShoreTel booth for a demo and comes to our workshop on BYOD to work will win an iPad-controlled helicopter. No, that’s not BYOB – it’s “bring your own device to work,” and it’s requiring CIOs to learn how they can implement best practices for those that wish to use their iPhones, tablets and more as their primary communication device at work.

    Pej Roshan, our VP of mobility, will take center stage as he shares feedback from users leveraging ShoreTel Mobility to reduce costs. That’s more money for some sour dough bread to take home.

    And finally…on Thursday, the plane lands at the Health Connect Partners conference in Phoenix. This is a tremendous conference where medical IT professionals sit at tables and allow vendors to approach them and discuss the solutions they have to offer. Yes, it’s the 2011 version of CIO speed dating, but it is a fascinating formula that works. Since ShoreTel has so many customers in the medical industry, I’m sure they will be very interested in learning how our solutions can help them focus on their patients, and not on the phone system.

    So the next time you’re at the airport, and you’re surrounded by 20 gates for 20 different cities, pick any one. There’s a pretty good chance an event is taking place where another customer is learning about the brilliant simplicity of ShoreTel.

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